The Dreaded First Post…

I’ve been putting this off for a long time now as I genuinely didn’t know how I wanted to start this off.

Just thinking about it caused me to have many sleepless nights, tossing and turning in my bed. Although, that could’ve also had something to do with the weather we’re currently experiencing here in London. As I’m sitting here writing this, we’re going through an unbearably humid heat wave, and if there’s one thing I definitely don’t love, it’s feeling hot and sticky.

(Well…maybe for recreational purposes)

Now, here are a few things I definitely do love!

(D’ya see what I did there?…..Oh, you are in for a treat)

1. Björk


© Warren du Preez & Nick Thornton-Jones

I make it no secret, I ADORE this woman! From her gorgeous voice to her no fucks given attitude to life. Her contribution’s to music alone make her an icon, but not only that. Her charitable work and her relentless perseverance in trying to keep mother nature around for future generations to enjoy, is also something to be praised and admired.

Now don’t get me wrong, most celebrities do some form of charity work or another, but Björk is most definitely not like most celebrities, and to be completely honest with you, I don’t actually like to think of her as a “celebrity” as such.

For me personally, her and people like her are so necessary in the current state of the world that we live in right now. The world in which politicians and fat cats in suits are all attempting to single-handedly kill this planet, whilst massaging their own egos in the process.

It’s actually quite refreshing to see people like her who genuinely care about this planet and “fight the good fight” trying to preserve it for as long as possible.

Now you may or may not have noticed, I haven’t yet touched on her wonderful music. Well, you needn’t worry, I will most definitely be talking about it at great length, and in great detail in my future posts.

(No, seriously!… you have been warned)


2. Comedy

Yeah, yeah, yeah! Everyone’s a comedian nowadays, but funnily enough, only a few can actually make me crack a smile (which is no mean feat, I can assure you).

So, comedies eh! Where shall we begin??

Well… how about we start by Keeping Up Appearances.

Now when it comes to British comedies, I’m very proud to say that the list is plentiful, but this particular series has always held a very special place in my heart.


Okay… so I’m just going to come out and say it.

Hyacinth Bucket (*sorry, Bouquet) is AMAZING!

From the way she answered her “white, slimline telephone with last number redial” to her constantly mentioning her sister Violet at any given opportunity.

You know? “The one with a Mercedes, swimming pool/sauna and room for a pony”.

Dame Patricia Routledge poured so much life into the role and it really made the character a household name loved by so many worldwide.

With her sharp wit and excellent comedic timing, she really cemented her role as an instant classic.

Truly an iconic character.

At some point, I hope to write a follow-up post including all of the wonderful characters in this amazing series and some of my other favourite shows as well.

So watch this space.


3. Mukbang Videos

Okay, Okay, I know what you’re thinking… What’s a Mukbang video?!

It’s essentially an “eating broadcast” where you basically just watch someone consume a lot of food on camera.

Now I know it probably doesn’t sound that exciting, but actually, for many people, it’s kind of like a new form of “social eating”.

You see, a lot of people around the world live alone, and for some of them it can be a very comforting experience having someone to eat with. It’s kind of like sharing a meal with your family or friends.

For me personally though, I stumbled upon it by accident and now I love watching them just for the colourful personalities some “mukbanger’s” have.

If you’re interested in learning more, here are some of my fav’s:


Thrift Thick




4. GIFs

As we’re currently living in an age where you have to condense everything you want to say on social media into a certain set number of characters, GIFs have become somewhat of a necessity. Especially if you’re someone who can’t always find the right words to say.

Plus, there are a whole plethora of GIFs out there, All of which can offer you a quick and fun way of expressing yourself online. I mean, why say in words what you can say with a cute cat GIF…am I right? (After all, cat’s are fabulous)

Now some might argue that GIFs are just plain lazy or for people who don’t know how to form sentences, but I say, why not use them?? That’s what they’re there for after all.

I personally love them and have had some of my most entertaining moments just looking at the GIFs people come up with.

So go forth and express thyself! Here, I’ll start you off with the first GIF ever made:


5. ♥ Martyn Hett ♥

pickledjo Blog

By @PickledJo

I can’t really write my first post without mentioning the icon that inspired me to start all of this in the first place.
That icon is Martyn Hett.

Martyn was one of the 22 victims tragically killed in the Manchester Arena Bombing at an Ariana Grande concert on 22nd May 2017.

As I’m sat here writing this,  I have tears in my eyes, a lump in my throat and a smile on my face just thinking about him.

You see, if you were one of the lucky people to have known Martyn, you would know what an amazing person he truly was.

I first met Martyn way back in 2005, Quite randomly actually.

I  was a 15-year-old gay Turkish teenager struggling with acceptance and bullying. An extrovert, turned introvert, at a school that I began to hate more and more each day. At that time in my life, I was contemplating suicide because I was just so unbearably unhappy, until one day I happened to stumble upon Martyn’s website at the time (

I am so grateful that I did!

I felt like this beautiful angel was sent into my life, and I’m so very glad that he was.

When I first set eyes on Martyn, I was instantly drawn to him.
He had the most amazing niche sense of humour, and I would always find myself in a constant fit of laughter just watching his videos and reading about the daily tales of his life (which were epic I might add).

He was just such an immensely funny, warm, loving, and beautiful beacon of light with an amazing personality to go along with it. Here I was struggling with acceptance and here was Martyn, so effervescent and carefree, out and proud. Simply put, Iconic.

I encourage you to check out some of his iconic work here:

The word iconic gets thrown around a lot lately (especially in this post), but when it comes to Martyn Hett, every other word seems obsolete.

He truly was ICONIC

Thank you Martyn Hett!

Thank you for always being you, and giving me the courage and strength to be myself.

You were a fearless, vibrant and beautiful soul who enchanted everyone that ever met you.

I will love and miss you eternally, and your iconic cackle will ring in my ears till the end of time.

Till we meet again,

Sleep Tight Beautiful!



So there you go folks!
This has been my very first blog post.

Of course, this isn’t everything I like, but If I were to list everything here, you’d probably end up with a trip to your local Specsavers and I’d end up with a serious case of (RSI)

What are some of the things that you really like?

Let me know in the comments or hit me up on social media. (Links in the top Menu)

Go easy on me though…okay… I’m still adjusting to all of this.

Till next time,
Stay Classy